Rethinking Education for 4th Industrial Revolution

It is said that the fourth industrial revolution had already begun. What do we have to do to nurture the talents needed for the 4th Industrial Revolution? From the perspective of educators, we hope that learners will have the ability to meet the new era. I referred to several places, the competencies for the new generation is called the four C’s. Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical thinking. In fact, all of these competencies are about how to solve new problems and to survive. Continue reading “Rethinking Education for 4th Industrial Revolution”

There is something special about Minerva.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Ben Nelson, CEO of Minerva. Ben Nelson, the president of a successful venture company, was able to confirm that he started his business with his vision and insight in education. The reminder is that Minerva does not invest in gyms, buildings, or school properties. Minerva has invested to develop a good curriculum, recruited good professors, and developed instruction models using good teaching tools.
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