Bring OER contents to no-internet place

Rachel-pi makes OER (Open Education Materials) available on Raspberry Pi. This tiny computer can contain an incredible amount of contents, such as the Khan Academy, the Gutenberg Project collection, textbooks, and encyclopedias, and provides the service as a web server. Since you can access the local Internet address after installation, it is possible to use several people at the same time. Continue reading “Bring OER contents to no-internet place”

Toward most efficient eLearning: eLearning consulting

This article is for eLearning consulting for a domestic institution. This article may be helpful to e-learning people or people who are interested in education. I’ve talked about key topics: video curation, the use of various learning activities, the implementation of customized learning, the use of OER, big data and learning analysis, and the use of badge systems.
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