Using YouTube video for my own class

I’ve been making some of my own teaching videos from 7 years ago. I uploaded them to YouTube or video servers. Sometimes, I used to utilize good video lectures made by other people. Recently, I am getting older, my lecture ability is falling down and I found there is a good lecture of others open on the Internet more and more. I would like to provide better lectures to my students and be a class facilitator or moderator myself. Continue reading “Using YouTube video for my own class”

Toward most efficient eLearning: eLearning consulting

This article is for eLearning consulting for a domestic institution. This article may be helpful to e-learning people or people who are interested in education. I’ve talked about key topics: video curation, the use of various learning activities, the implementation of customized learning, the use of OER, big data and learning analysis, and the use of badge systems.
Continue reading “Toward most efficient eLearning: eLearning consulting”