Moodle’s real-time quiz monitoring and quiz improvement function

Quiz based class process

I used Moodle’s quiz response monitoring function to monitor the learnuing by letting the learners solve the quiz during the class and monitor them. The Moodle quiz response result screen is not updated automatically, so it is troublesome to update the browser screen whenever necessary by clicking, but there is no big problem in monitoring the learning. Quiz use The important process in the class process is as follows.

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Visiting 2019 Japan Moodlemoot

I went to Japan Moodle moot in early March. Although I have been trying to spread Moodle in Korea for a long time, my body and mind have become very depressed with various bitter experiences. I know that I am not a great donator, but willingly in the spirit of sharing good thing. That was my drive for 19 years since I first started to open source in academia and business.
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