eLearning for emergency(1): How to begin?

Recently, the number of online lectures are increasing rapidly because of Coronavirus . In order to conduct online classes at institutions, businesses, and schools, I would like to recommend to check the following points and proceed according to the procedure that will be mentioned in following blog series. I will briefly explain the outline of e-learning in this article.
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Receiving Minister Award for SW Development

Received the Minister’s Award for the SW Development It was awkward and uncomfortable to be rewarded when the country is in unrest. So I tried to go quietly, and the next day there was an article in the newspaper. When I read the article, I felt new and think about what I’ve done. Maybe Open source software promotion and OKMindmap service are reasons for this award.
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Uni-Twin project & eLearning

On October 25, I attended UNESCO’s Unitwin Seminar held by the Korea National Open University(KNOU) and talked about the use of open source. Through this project, KNOU has been interacting with universities in Mongolia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Nepal. In particular, the participating universities seem to be interested in the topic of distance education, which is the strength of KNOU. Hanoi Open University(HNOU) from Vietnam and Tribhuvan University from Nepal which introduced Nepal Open University as a would-be partner for the current project.
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