Padlet view and iframe node of OKMindmap

A new feature in OKMindmap of Padlet-like view has been added. This feature can be used effectively in harmony with iframe node function of OKMindmap. Generally, when you create a mind map, the branches expands, creating a shape in which the nodes continue to diverge. Sometimes we need to be able to put a note on the post where we like it to be placed. The Padlet service is already available on the Internet and can be accessed with the service. Continue reading “Padlet view and iframe node of OKMindmap”

Rethinking Education for 4th Industrial Revolution

It is said that the fourth industrial revolution had already begun. What do we have to do to nurture the talents needed for the 4th Industrial Revolution? From the perspective of educators, we hope that learners will have the ability to meet the new era. I referred to several places, the competencies for the new generation is called the four C’s. Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical thinking. In fact, all of these competencies are about how to solve new problems and to survive. Continue reading “Rethinking Education for 4th Industrial Revolution”

OKMindmap course format for Moodle

Moodle allows each course to change the appearance of a course by changing the setting, called the “course format”. The most popular course formats are “topic course format” and “weekly course format”. The “topic course format” sees each section as one topic and the “weekly course format” sees each section as a week’s content. In the case of a weekly course format, the date of the section will be displayed on a weekly basis from the start dateĀ  to the end date of the course. Continue reading “OKMindmap course format for Moodle”

How to get image from OKMindmap

OKMindmap is a great web based mindmap. It provides many different format conversion and import/export functions. Because it use many kind of different API for other service integration, sometimes it is not easy to catch up other service or standard changes. One of the service is export to image of OKMindmap now. We used an open source library and now some changes of the library make it hard to get successful image export result.

Fortunately, OKMindmap is based on SVG and it is possible to export it to SVG. Then user can modify the SVG file with SVG editor and even produce a image or a pdf file. There are many free SVG online editors on Internet, and I suggest to use Vector Painter. User can upload SVG file exported form OKMindmap directly here. User can edit and export the image.

Some of the images will not appear because it is provide as web image. OKMindmap allow to embed web based images, but this is not shown in the SVG editor printed result. It is necessary for user to embed the image as data: type. Though this surely occupies more data file of OKMindmap, but resolves the problem of not being able to print the image component. User can convert the local or Internet image on askApache service. Please, watch the video.