Ethiopia the place of coffee (1)

Did somebody say that the purpose of the trip is to return to the original place? The visit to Ethiopia happened by chance and awakened my instinct to travel after the past three years. The second campus of Korea University of Technology (Koreatech University) is within walking distance of the Cheonan campus of Kongju University, where I work. Koreatech University has carried out many overseas projects. It has experience conducting online training in several countries, including Rwanda, with my participation via Zoom at the second campus.
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My Samsung Folder4 Smartphone

In recent years, the smartphone market has seen remarkable technological advancements. Foldable smartphones have received a lot of attention due to their innovation. As a leader in this field, Samsung Electronics sought to push the technological boundaries with its latest model, the ‘Samsung Folder 4’. I also purchased the product with high expectations for this innovation. However, contrary to my expectations, I was greatly disappointed as I repeatedly experienced liquid crystal failure shortly after purchasing it. Continue reading “My Samsung Folder4 Smartphone”

Enhancing Video Content by Removing Silence: A Triple Approach

In the realm of eLearning and language learning, pacing is paramount. Keeping a video’s rhythm engaging without prolonged silent intervals can drastically improve information retention. Previously, I introduced two methods to snip silent parts in your videos: a manual approach using Olive 0.1 and an automated method with FFmpeg. I will bring a third innovative method using voice recognition AI. This is a part of my book “Learning Engineering using Python“. Continue reading “Enhancing Video Content by Removing Silence: A Triple Approach”

Comparison between Bard and chatGPT

In the era of generative AI, there was an article saying that the popularity of chatGPT had withered. The causes include the claim that the direct user access rate has decreased due to the increase in attempts to relay services using direct APIs, and the claim that this is due to the emergence of other competitive services. While I was curious, I tried using Bard and compared and analyzed it. Since it is an extremely subjective analysis, I would like you to read my blog at the level of believing in the response of generative AI. 🙂
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