Bumble bee and his friend

I found a funny video on the internet. This is a scene where a fellow bumble bee rescues other bumblebee hanging on a spider web by shooting the spider. Bumble bees are different from honey bees. They don’t die by shooting. If it is a honey bee, I think it has to worry a lot in the same situation. I wonder if it risk his life for its colleague.
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Making your own eBook

It is a burden to carry a lot of luggage because there are many places to visit. With one notebook computer, one pad, and a few books, my bag-pack is already full. It would be convenient to have eBooks rather than paper books. Of course because of my ageing eyes also ask me some thing to do. I made up my mind to convert my books to eBooks and there are several ways to do it on Internet.
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Google voice recognition and translation

Google is using Deep Learning algorithm for voice recognition and translation. In recent years, we can see that voice recognition rate and translation level have improved greatly. In fact, in the past, when translating Hangul into English, it became widely known that translating Korean into Japanese and then translating Japanese into English is a little better than translating Korean into English directly. I did not get that satisfiable level of results so well that I would talked to myself “I would have translated from the beginning …” during proofreading. Continue reading “Google voice recognition and translation”