Enhancing Video Content by Removing Silence: A Triple Approach

In the realm of eLearning and language learning, pacing is paramount. Keeping a video’s rhythm engaging without prolonged silent intervals can drastically improve information retention. Previously, I introduced two methods to snip silent parts in your videos: a manual approach using Olive 0.1 and an automated method with FFmpeg. I will bring a third innovative method using voice recognition AI. This is a part of my book “Learning Engineering using Python“. Continue reading “Enhancing Video Content by Removing Silence: A Triple Approach”

Creating Virtual Avatars Using Lens Studio

Lens Studio is a free virtual character creation program from Snapchat. You can create virtual characters and animation clips with various functions. By registering the created result as a Snap chat lens, you can chat with a real-time virtual character on Snapchat or participate in a meeting with a Zoom video conference Virtual Camera. The video below shows various results by utilizing the function.
Continue reading “Creating Virtual Avatars Using Lens Studio”