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What is eLearning?

I’ve been spending my time in eduction for 20 years. That history goes with eLearning, because I’m technical shopper for myself in teaching and early adopter. After all years of inefficient result of my reflection on my work, I have to confess that I made many mistakes, which I may apologize lightly with its insignificance. But I can’t deny that it would have been better with different view and approach.

My first apology is that education goes first than technology. I also find it from my young education pioneers, who is obsessed with technical implementation of something. But technology is for education not education is for technology. But also we have to admit that without technology something is impossible. Sometimes the essence can be lost without technology assuming that the ignorance might destroy us even being by staying in current stage in turmoil of changing.

That puts me back to the stage of beginning again. All right, I admit that I’m a born engineer and here is the story I would like to tell, which unfortunately very technical oriented not educational oriented. But what you can get with it might whole lot more than you ever expected.

“Collaboration” and “Interactivity” is all about I would like to talk. Following is the tools and methods for the both words.

1. Use Moodle for Collaboration and Interactivity

2. Use OKMindmap for Collaboration and Interactivity

3. Use Google for Collaboration and Interactivity

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