This site is about learning, which is a fundamental basic human

activity for survival. Technology always played a role in history. We don’t use stone that much now. Likewise, Internet is everywhere and we are all connected with others in very different and┬áspecial way. Collaboration, connectivity, and openness is a new keywords.

LMS is major infrastructure for learning on cyber world. I’ve been using Moodle for 5 years and it hardly disappointed me. It’s open source and I strongly suggest to use it. There are many other open source programs to use for learning. These subjects will be discussed.

Finally, the knowledge needs a good tool to be produced, delivered, and transformed. OKMindmap is a perfect tool for this. OKMindmap had been developed by my team and free web service. Moodle, Open source, and OKMindmaps are major topics here and other related subjects will be covered. Each menu will have a page for introduction and posting list on each subject.

Time to enjoy the beauty of technology!

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