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Hello, My name is Won Ho. Here is my work recently. I’ve been teaching in Kongju Nation University since 1993, right after I got my Ph.D from Univ. of Texas at Austin.  I would like to define myself as a seeker. I am interested in education, engineering, and religion. As a result of being seeker I am

the inventor of OKMindmap,

the first evangelist of Open source Moodle in Korea,

the Worldwide consultant for learning and teaching using open source, and

future generation technologies (Geogebra, 3d print, and Arduino) enjoying the beauty of engineering.

Personal information Name of candidate


email wonyho@gmail.com
blog http://blog.modulestudy.com


Professional qualifications Education

• ph.D. University of Texas at Austin(1992)

• Master of Engineering, Korea University(1985)

• Bachelor of Engineering , Korea University(1983)


National certificate of Electrical Engineering

Present employment Name of employer

Kongju National Univ.

Address of employer

275 Budaedong, Cheonan-si, Chungchungnam-do, 330-717, Korea





Mobile Number


Job title of candidate


Years with present employer

25 Years

Similar project implementation history
No. Service name Duration Item Position
1 Running Moodle Course 2004~Current Kongju National Univ./Teaching/Professor/Using Moodle and dotLRN for 10 years for teaching Professor
2 KERIS Home Cyber School 2006 Evaluation of 16 city/provincial LMS based on SCORM standard Evaluation committee
3 NIPA SCORM School 2007-


Teaching SCORM to eLearning system developers Instructor
4 National eLearning Project Planning 2008 “eLearning platform on Complex knowledge” Chief of committee
5 KAIST LMS development 2009 “Korea Advanced Institution of Science and Technology LMS development” Consultant
6 SNU LMS development 2009 “Seoul National University LMS development” Consultant
7 OKMindmap development 2010-


Development of http://okmindmap.com service, which is a Web-based tool PM
8 Society of e-learning 2010.01-


 Academic and research association for e-Learning Vice chairman
9 National eLearning Project Planning 2011 “Plug-in Software for eLearning platform” Chief of committee
10 ISO/IEC SC36 2011-


E-Learning national standard member Committee member
11 ACU (Asean Cyber University) Project evaluator 2011.11.17- 11.23 Evaluation for ACU project for CLMV evaluation Evaluator
12 Smart Education Society 2012.03-


Academic and research association for teacher training using smart devices Vice chairman
13 ICT Capacity Building for Colombia 2014.02.01-02.28 Contents standard for Colombia EDCF project (SCORM) Consultant
14 Study on Asean Higher Education Consulting Model 2014.11-2015.02 A research project on for CLMV current environment survey and building strategy for future researcher
15 Yonsei university LMS development 2015 Development of LMS for Yonsei university PM
16 Uzbek Open Source Training 2016.07.12-07.15 Moodle & open source software introduction for education speaker
17 Rwanda ICT capacity building (KOICA) 2016.08.22- 08.26 Capacity building for Rwandan ICT leaders (Moodle training) Instructor
18 Rwanda ICT Capacity Building for Public Officials (KOICA) 2017.04.22-05.13 Capacity building for Rwandan public servants (Moodle training) Consultant & Instructor
19 Many e-Learning training for developing countries

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