Moodle: Backup and Restore Course

It’s almost begining of new semester and you need to prepare for it. If you use Moodle you can import your course either on the same system or separate system. Here is tip on how to use “Backup” and “Restore”.

1. Go to “Backup”. You need to be carefull about selecting “Include enrolled users”. If you don’t select this item, the user related data won’t be backed up. Forum is good example. The post won’t be backed up and restored, if the user information is not included. If you like, the user name can be hidden by selecting “Anonymouse user info”.


2. The backup up course can be restored by using “Restore” function. If you restore inside the Moodle system, use just “restore”. If not, download the file and upload it to other Moodle system.

3. Ther are 3 possibility of restoring. You can restore to a totally new course,  current course, and current backed up course as main course (withe current course importing).

4. As mentioned earlier. The forum post won’t be appeare if user information is not included.

Understanding open source paradigm

When we talk about “Open source”, it usually means open source software. Though it began with the software, now it has become a spirit; paradigm for effective way of doing things. Wikinomics explains this concept very appropriately. The following summary and video tells us why we are now being benefitted by the awesome open source softwares. And I am honored to introduce the inheritances of the spirit.

‘Gangnam Style’ of PSY

PSY’s”Gangnam style” is ranked as the top honor in music charts universally. It draws many attentions from all around the world. Frankly speaking, he is not my style though.

I think it needs the educator’s analysis. Maybe we can use the facts of popularity on education. My analysis is two point; un-expectation and familiarity.

They are astonished by un-expected motion and arrangement. And the absurd and childish plot of the video demilitarized the watcher’s vigilante. Anyway, I’m not against his popularity, even though he is not my style.

Foreigner reaction. (Internet news quotation)

Survey using Google Documents

Currently, there are many survey services. But Google drive provide a way to make web-based survey simply, using forms and spreadsheet. The surveyed result can be managed easily on Internet. Take a look on video to know how to create survey and manage the resulte.