Open source software for Education (2)

Preparing a lecture for on open source software for Serbian official servant and educators, I was able to find good material while I was re-examining recent trends. Open source software started with Linux, but it has become a business method as well as spreading to other software development beyond Linux. We call it the spirit of open, collaborative, shared, world-class activities named as “wikinomics” by Don Tapscott. Continue reading “Open source software for Education (2)”

Practical Knowledge & Inventive Learning

A few years ago, when I was interviewing Ben Nelson at Minerva School, I heard him mentioning “practical knowledge”. Ben Nelson’s opinion is that Minerva’s education is the way in which people can correct many mistakes and improve the quality in education. In many colleges and universities, he argued that students do not have to pay such expensive tuition fees. Also, education should focus on cultivating “practical knowledge” rather than to convey miscellaneous knowledge as he wrote in his book. Continue reading “Practical Knowledge & Inventive Learning”